Callers have to dial an italian landline telephone number, which is assigned
to the company and which is advertised, e.g. (+39) 06 977 42 900.

Following the instructions the caller can choose the way of purchasing
credit for the service among the available ones: Credit Card, On Net Card,
Postal Transfer, Banking Wire Transfer, Pronto060, PiùRicarica.

Credit, if it'll be not used, will be available for the next calls from the
same CLI to the same Pronto Premium Number.


Customers have their online reserved Area, which allows them to see
transactions and purchases over their Pronto Premium Numbers in real time.

To get a Pronto Premium Number
you have to sign a code of Practice,
Click here to download it (Carta delle Garanzie)

Click here to download the Pronto Premium Privacy Policy.

If you would like to call one of the Pronto Premium's numbers, please read before the Terms and Conditions of the Service!
(click here)